What To Look For Before Buying Rail Gear For A Truck?

Are you looking to buy rail gear for your light duty truck? Then, before you buy the product, you need to know some basic things that will aid in getting a durable product that meets your demands. Rail gear is an important accessory for your rail truck therefore many factors need to be considered when comparing products on the market.

  • Premium Quality Product

The primary requirement for purchasing the rai gear is quality. A superior quality product has the durability, efficiency, and high performance that will increase your productivity. You get the uncompromised quality that offers value for money. You never have to worry about frequent repairs or maintenance as the product runs for a long time without any glitch. Mitchell Rail Gear has lubrication fittings at all moving parts to ensure the parts do not prematurely wear out. The Mitchell Rail Gear wheels are made of high strength hardened forged steel to guarantee a long trouble free life.

  • Technically Advanced Product

When you plan to purchase rail gear, try to buy it from a trusted and reliable source like mitchell-railgear.com to ensure the most technically advanced product. The products developed using sophisticated technology is safe and secure. So, you never have to worry about the safety problems that can put your workers at risk. A good example is Mitchell’s electric rail gear safety locks. The safety lock ensures that the rail gear operator does not have their hands anywhere close to moving parts. Another example is the rail gear loading and alignment. The Mitchell Rail Gear can be adjusted perfectly, both up/down and side to side plus each suspension unit can rotate to adjust for vehicle frame variances. What this all means is the rail gear can be set up on the vehicle for best and safest track travel.

  • Proficient Employees

A company that has proficient and technically sound employees can develop rail gear for different types of vehicles. The talented, skilled and dedicated employees improve the quality of the products. So, you get products to meet industry standards. At Mitchell Rail Gear, the employees get the proper knowledge and training to develop products meeting the customer demands. It ensures you get the technologically advanced products that last for a long time.

  • On the Road Ride quality

Typical light duty trucks such as single rear wheel ¾ and I ton trucks are produced with wide front and rear tire track for stability on the road. Typically, for more than 50 years larger deep dish wheels with larger tires and been installed on these trucks so the tires can ride on the rail head. The problem with this is that the vehicle stability is greatly reduced. Mitchell Rail Gear solved this problem by developing a wheel that allows the tire to ride on rail and is wide enough not to reduce the vehicle stability on the road. Mitchell Rail Gear has branded these new wheels as “RoadRail” Wheels. The wheels meet all the highway safety standards. When considering Rail Gear for your railroad trucks you should always request the truck has “RoadRail” Wheels.

  • Rail Gear Suspension

Your railroad truck needs Rail Gear with suspension that will self-compensate when traveling on uneven track conditions and will not need adjusted if the truck pay load varies. For light duty trucks it is essential that the truck has 4-wheel independent suspension to be able to travel on the tightest most uneven track conditions. Mitchell’s Flexiride® Rail Gear 4-wheel independent suspension has proven to successfully travel where ordinary rail gear systems cannot. For any size rail gear truck it is critical not to use rigid rail gear because when traveling on rail one or more rail wheels can lose wheel load on uneven track which is unsafe. It is even more important to have independent suspension on light duty trucks where all 4-tires are riding on the rail head such as the Chevy Suburban.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

You need to buy the product from a source that produces rail gear with the latest technology and treat all the customers equally. The exceptional customer support offered will ensure you can overcome any hassles or challenges with ease. It offers you complete satisfaction as you get the best product that increases your productivity without causing any issues. Mitchell Rail Gear support can help you deal with the issues swiftly without any time delay.

Always opt to buy from a source that has a state-of-the-art factory. The fully equipped factory can develop different rail gear system that can perform repairs and installations. So, choose experienced players like Mitchell Rail Gear that can offer you the best vehicle equipment for your various truck systems. You can contact the best dealers who offer you diverse products like turnkey Hi Rail vehicles along with the easy-to-install rail gear kits at competitive pricing. Customers can expect the highest-quality services that provide specialized attachment as well as diverse machine solutions. When you opt for a trusted company, you can get the best services with quality, integrity, and commitment.

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