How Does Dual Purpose Loader Railcar Movers From Mitchell Rail Gear Lowers Cost Of Moving Railcars?

Railcar movers are often considered as an innovative machine that offers you better safety, high operational efficiency, long life, and low maintenance costs. Customers can now opt for a better and more effective model from Mitchell Rail Gear to increase the productivity and savings at the same time. The loader railcar movers from the mobile railcar moving attachments convert the standard front-end loader to a more efficient dual purpose loader railcar. The dual purpose loader railcar movers lowers cost of moving railcars considerably. So, it can perform all the rail switching operations and ensure efficient utilization of the equipment.


Features of Dual Purpose Loader Railcar Movers

While opting for a railcar mover, it is necessary to delve into details of the features to ensure the investment is worth. Mitchell Rail Gear offers customers its dual purpose loader railcar with the

following features:

  • It comes with a specific design for the retractable friction drive hi-rail. It is attached to the machine’s frame in a particular manner to allow the use of the front-end loader as normal loader as well as an on-rail mobile railcar mover. Since every front-loader model has different frames, the system is custom manufactured to suit each model. So, the Dual Purpose Loader Railcar Movers lowers cost of moving railcars along with providing optimum performance.
  • The reliable friction drive hub attached to the rail wheels can ensure safety. The mechanical friction drive system can have better propelling and braking due to the use of the road axle driveline system. The articulated frame is hydraulically locked when on the rail by keeping in alignment the front and rear wheels.
  • Clients can opt for solid rubber cushioned, foam-filled or air-filled tires depending on the environment they work.
  • You can select the standard railcar coupler front/rear or opt for the rear-mounted weight transfer coupler based on your requirement.
  • The system has the best braking system (24. 35 0r 60 CFM air brake system). It is present in the cab of the loader and controls the braking system of the railcar.

Benefits of Dual Purpose Loader Railcar Movers

Mitchell Rail Gear manufactures high-quality products that suit the needs of the customers precisely. The sophisticated technology used ensures the rail attachments serves the purpose and offers the following benefits:

  • In normal cases, you have to endure high costs for maintaining the exclusively built mobile rail car mover. It is the cost incurred in addition to the normal maintenance cost associated with an existing front-end loader. So, by combining the two functions, the dual purpose loader railcar movers lowers cost of moving railcars. It is an ideal and economical option.
  • You get a product with maximum durability and reliability that offers its function for a long period of time. You also receive the best product support from Mitchell Rail Gear, which is unmatched by the other manufacturers.


So, access to get products that are technically advanced and safe to use. The sophisticated technology used by proficient employees ensure you get the best product that makes a huge difference in your business. If you need vehicle equipment, then you need to contact the trusted and reliable source to ensure get a high-quality product that is worth the investment.

A railcar mover is a road–rail vehicle (capable of travelling on both roads and rail tracks) fitted with couplers for moving small numbers of railroad cars around in a rail siding or small yard. They are extensively used by railroad customers because they are cheaper than owning a switcher locomotive, more convenient and cheaper than paying the railroad operator to do the switching, easier and more productive than manual moving of cars, and in addition they are more versatile since they can travel on road wheels to the cars they need to move, instead of needing clear track.

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